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Like all armadillos, the body and head of this species are extensively armoured with thick bony plates 3with the head plate being particularly large 2. The central portion of the body shell is divided by bands of Great hairy video online that provide flexibility to the otherwise rigid upperparts 3. More hairy than most armadillo species hence its common namethe underparts of this species are densely covered with whitish or light brown hairs, while long, coarse hairs project from the body armour plates 3.

A powerful digger 3the large hairy armadillo either builds simple burrows for temporary shelter or more complex branching burrows where it resides for longer periods 4. Activity usually commences at dusk and continues throughout the night, although some daytime activity may also occur in some areas 5. A variety of prey is taken, in particular, subterranean invertebrateswhich are located by smell and exposed by shovelling soil away using the head Great hairy video online powerful fore claws 3 5.

When threatened, the large hairy armadillo will run towards the nearest hole, or attempt to burrow into the ground.

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If, however, it is unable to escape, this species will draw up its feet, so that the bottom of the shell is level with the ground. When pursued into its burrow, the large hairy armadillo will wedge itself tightly against the walls, by Great hairy video online its back and thrusting out its feet 3. While underground, this species is able to make use of the small amounts of oxygen trapped between soil particles; small skin folds act as a filter to prevent soil from being inhaled into the lungs 6.

After a gestation period of 60 to 75 days, the female usually gives birth to two young, which are suckled for a further 50 to 60 days 3 4. The large hairy armadillo is found in the Gran Chaco region of Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina, and also occurs south through Argentina to the provinces of Santa Great hairy video online and Magallanes 1. This species ranges from sea-level, up to elevations of 1, metres 1.

Occupying a wide variety of habitats, the large hairy armadillo can be found in grasslands, savanna, forest and agricultural areas 1.

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Although comprehensive surveys are lacking, the extremely wide distribution of this species is indicative that it has a large population, which is resilient against its exploitation 1. While there are currently no specific conservation measures in place for the large hairy armadillo, it is known to occur in many protected areas 1.

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