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Gibbs dinozzo spank

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Two chapters a day and I'm doing it in between homework! Already received some reviews on the last chapter, thanks y'all!

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Now on with the show…er, story. Contains spanking of a young adult. The week was progressing nicely.

WARNING: spanking, implications of D/s....

Tony was finally able to move without too much pain and he seemed to be opening himself up more, now. While he was still trying to feel out his place in Gibbs life, not an easy task for someone who has never had a place on anyone's priority list, some instances did occur.

Usually Gibbs found he could correct that behavior with a few well placed swats to the kid's rear, today, something was different, though. Something had Tony on edge. He'd been skirting the line all evening. Gibbs wasn't looking forward to what he somehow knew was going to happen.

Yes, had given Tony several swats, but he'd yet to actually take the boy over his Gibbs dinozzo spank and spank him. Gibbs supposed the behavior could be traced back to Tony's being home all week. Tony was like him in that respect, they both hated sitting at home feeling useless. Tony dropped his eyes before Gibbs saw the lies in them. How could he tell the man who Gibbs dinozzo spank taken care of him for the past week that he had broken one of his major rules?

He knew if he did tell him, he would surely have trouble sitting for a while, but if he didn't tell him and he found out the punishment would be so much worse. Not to mention Gibbs loosing his trust in him. Well, Anthony you've really fucked the duck on this one, haven't you?

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Tony watched Gibbs chew his steak, he didn't seem angry. He didn't even act surprised that Tony had been there.

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Did he know that Tony had gone out into the field with another team? He hadn't wanted to, really. But they needed someone with his talents and he was there anyway. He saw no harm in going. Yes, Gibbs and Ducky had both said no work for a week and no field work for at least two, but it was just an hour.

Still Tony did not want the older man knowing about it. His ass would still be on fire when he woke in the morning if Gibbs found out. With Tony upstairs reading, Gibbs made his way to the basement. The boat always seemed to relax him. Tonight, however, his mind was to wired to relax. What had Tony done that he was afraid Gibbs dinozzo spank talk about? It couldn't be to awfully bad or he would have heard about it by now. His cell Gibbs dinozzo spank stopped his thought process completely.

Gibbs pocketed the phone and made his way upstairs.

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No wonder Tony didn't tell him. He knew Gibbs would wear his ass out for such a stupid stunt. And he fully intended to do just that. The tap on the door startled him. He had been really into that book. Gibbs appearing in the door Gibbs dinozzo spank wearing that look could not be a good thing.

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It meant that Gibbs had somehow found out about the incident at the Capps house earlier. It also meant that Gibbs wouldn't be dishing out mere swats tonight.

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What the hell were you thinking? You could've been killed when that bitch started shooting. Did I not make myself clear on this issue?

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