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Anal invasion foreign objects

Pron Pictures Anal invasion foreign objects.

Rectal foreign bodies are large foreign items found in the rectum that can be Anal invasion foreign objects to have been inserted through the anus, rather than reaching the rectum via the mouth and gastrointestinal tract. It can be of clinical relevance if the patient cannot remove it the way they intended. Smaller, ingested foreign bodies, such as bones eaten with food, can sometimes be found Anal invasion foreign objects in the rectum upon x-ray and are rarely of clinical relevance.

Rectal foreign bodies are a subgroup of foreign bodies in the alimentary tract. There is no reliable data about the incidence of clinically meaningful foreign rectal bodies.

It may have increased in the long term [3] as it is observed more often in recent times.

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The incident rate is significantly higher for men than for women. The gender ratio is in the area of Median age of the patients was The first documented case dates from the 16th century. Reasons for foreign rectal bodies vary wildly, but in most cases they are of sexual or criminal motivation.

This especially includes Anal invasion foreign objects motivated behaviour, encompassing the majority of cases. In rare cases, the patient inserted the object into the rectum without a way to remove it intending to receive attention and pity from doctors and nurses.

This behaviour is categorized as Munchausen's syndrome.

Another cause may be attempted self-treatment of diseases. One patient attempted to treat his chronic diarrhea by inserting an ear of maize into his rectum.

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The toothbrush went out of control and disappeared inside his anus. Accidents or torture may cause an involuntary insertion of a foreign body.

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It involved the insertion of a radish into the anus. Many self-inserted rectal bodies are stated as accidentally by the patients due to feelings of shame. There are several reasons that contribute to the jamming of rectal bodies inside the rectum. Many of the objects used for sexual stimulation have a conical tip in order to facilitate penetration, while the base is flat. Extraction by the user Anal invasion foreign objects be impossible if the base of the object passed the anus towards the rectum.

In order to receive a stronger stimulation, the object may be inserted deeper than intended. In this case, the sphincter prevents, by mechanical means, the extraction of the foreign body. Type and Anal invasion foreign objects of the foreign rectal bodies are diverse and may exceed the anatomical-physiological imagination.

Not all objects are solid. Ina case was documented of a patient who administered a cement enema. After it solified and impacted, the resulting block had to be surgically extracted. Many patients feel ashamed during the anamnesis and provide information only reluctantly. This may lead to missing information that may be important during therapy.

For the same reason, patients may not visit a doctor until very late.

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Trusting and sensitive care for the ashamed and uncomfortable patients is paramount for a successful therapy [25] and may be livesaving. Usually, several radiological images are recorded in order to Anal invasion foreign objects the precise place and depth of the foreign body.

This is usually done by x-ray. Foreign bodies made from low-contrast material e. Foreign rectal bodies may penetrate deep into the colon, in certain circumstances up to the right colic flexure. An endoscopywhich may also be of use during therapy, facilitates the identification and localisation of the object inside the Anal invasion foreign objects.

Information about the foreign body obtained in those ways are of high importance during therapy, as a perforation of the rectum or the anus is to be absolutely avoided. The therapeutic measures to remove the foreign body can be as diverse as the objects inside the rectum. In many instances, the foreign bodies consist of fragile materials, such as glass.

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Most patients wait for several hours or even days until they visit a doctor. Before they do, they often repeatedly try to remove the object themselves or by a layperson.

This often worsens the situation for a successful extraction. In most cases, the foreign body can Anal invasion foreign objects removed endoscopic. Vibrators, for example, can be often removed using a large sling usually used to remove polyps during coloscopy. It may be preferable to use rigid tools in those cases. There have been several cases where instruments used in child birth have proven their worth for the removal of those foreign bodies, such as the forceps [30] and suction cups.

There have been successful cases using argon-plasma coagulation. The object in question was a green apple wraped in cellophane inside the rectum of a year-old patient. Previous extraction attempts using endoscopic tools failed due to the flat surface of the object.


If the object is too far up, in the area of the colon sigmoideumand cannot be removed using one of the above methods, bed rest and sedation can cause the object to descend back into the rectum, where retrieval and extraction are easier.

In difficult cases, a laparotomy may be necessary. Statistically, this is the case in about 10 percent of patients.

A surgical opening of the large intestines can be indication in very difficult cases, especially Anal invasion foreign objects the manipulation of the object may pose a serious health risk. This may be the case with a jammed drug condom. Mild cases may need a sedation at most.

Local and spinal anaesthesia find common use. Difficult interventions may need general anaesthesia ; surgical opening of the abdominal cavity or the colon require it. General anaesthesia can be beneficial for the relaxation of the sphincter. If the foreign body is too big Anal invasion foreign objects allow feces from the colon to pass, a mechanical ileus may occur.

The distension of the rectum and the disruption of the peristasis reinforce this effect. The foreign body may cause infections, destroying the intestinal wall. Depending on the location of the perforation, this may lead to a peritonitis due to the feces or an abscess in the retroperitoneal space.

Smaller objects that injure the intestinal wall, but do not perforate it, may be encapsulated by a foreign body granuloma. They Anal invasion foreign objects remain in the rectum as a pseudotumor without any further effects. The most common — but still rare — complication is a perforation of the rectum caused by the foreign object itself or attempts to remove it. Diagnosed perforations are operated immediately by opening the abdomen and removal or suturing of the perforated area.

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