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Erotic empire translation

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Translation, Obscenity and Censorship in Turkey: I also declare that all materials Erotic empire translation in this thesis consist of the mentioned resources in the reference list.

I verify all these with my honour. These led to a considerable amount of public debate in Turkish literary Erotic empire translation over obscenity and morality. Furthermore, he was tried on charges of obscene publication in and found guilty. To this end, firstly, translated and indigenous popular erotic literature in Turkey between the s and the s was contextualized by analysing the struggles over obscenity between different groups as they appeared in the public discourse and an erotic Turkish repertoire was formed.

In addition, the findings of this research have also provided insights into the mechanism of censorship due to obscenity in Turkey and shed light on the discourse produced to criticise the erotic repertoire. The Leading Academic Contributions 10 1.

Theoretical Studies on Translation and Censorship 12 1. Case Studies on Translation and Censorship 18 1.

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Agents imposing censorship 20 1. Types of censorship 21 1. Reasons for censorship 24 1. Socio-political environment 26 1. Timing of censorship 28 1. Culture Repertoire, Resistance, and Market 44 1.

Habitus, Capital, and Structural Censorship 45 1.

Erotic Empire Pc English Translation...

Research Subject 47 1. Data Collection 49 1. Tools and Data Analysis 51 1. Bin Bir Buse [ Kisses] 59 2.

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What is nudity and obscenity? A Survey in by Refik Ahmet Sevengil 63 2. The Press Law of A Blow to Erotic Literature 68 2. The First Turkish Publishing Congress in 73 2. A Sensational Obscenity Trial in The Case of Aphrodite: Discourse on Obscenity and Public Morality in the s and s 82 2. Expanding debates on obscenity in the s and s in various fields of cultural production 88 2.

Classification of the existing research on censorship in translation Erotic empire translation. Selected Cover Pages and caricatures from Kahkaha p.

Other Selections from Newspapers and Magazines app. Studies that focus on erotic Erotic empire translation and translation are very limited in number1 and most of them scrutinize the subject from a gender-based feminist perspective.

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It can be claimed that sexuality, not only in literary texts but also in other kinds of texts, is an under-researched area in translation studies. Research focusing on sexuality and translation in Turkish translation history can be counted on the fingers of one hand. For this reason, erotic texts, literary or not, are closely related to the phenomenon of censorship.

Starting from late s a number of books were published and a number of conferences were held on this area of research. Existing research has revealed that translation and censorship as a field of research elaborates our Erotic empire translation of the 1 Linder, ; Santaemilia, ; Ben-Ari, ; Anne-Lise, ; Ziman, ; Yu, Despite the growing Erotic empire translation in translation and censorship in the world since the late s, research in Turkey on the subject is relatively new and limited in number, starting only after the second half of the s.

However, Turkish history provides researchers Erotic empire translation a considerable amount of material through which to study censorship and sexuality. Another shortcoming of these works is that they barely include censorship of erotic works due to obscenity in their research. Most of the cases discussed in these works focus on censorship for political or religious reasons.

However, as I will attempt to display in this thesis, obscenity has been a heated subject of debate in Turkey throughout the years and the debates revolving around it are closely related to translation. This is a microhistorical research, scrutinizing obscenity and censorship in Turkey through translation. In this work, Ginzburg examines the life of a 16th century Friulian miller, who was tried by the inquisition and executed for heresy.

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