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How to stop fighting in a long distance relationship

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A long distance relationship makes life terrible. People only end up in a long distance relationship when they have no other options.

But if some of the minute things are handled with special care, it can be one of the most beautiful experiences to remember when you grow old. One of the most important thing to remember for a long distance relationship is to stay calm and listen.

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Even if your partner is angry, you must remain calm. You listen to him. He will realize in not more than a minute. Discuss the problem clearly only after that. Discuss it till everything is back to normal again.

Say sorry even if you realize that he is wrong at his end. If he is matured enough then he will be back with a bigger sorry like never ever. Sacrifice your ego but never your self respect. Try to call at the end of the day even if you are real busy and share your day.

A video call a How to stop fighting in a long distance relationship makes things better. That works every time. Talk to each other and get carried away by the dreams of your future with him, dreams of growing old together and dreams of living a beautiful life.

Make him realize that he can be a king and build his own kingdom.

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If that works then you will certainly have the perks of being a queen in future. The most important point of all is meeting each other. Better if you plan a vacation together to some quiet serene place or Goa: Remember when you meet talk about your initial days of relationship and make him realize how much he means to you.

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Rediscover your love and fall in love again. You will be doing all the above just to keep your relationship strong and smooth. But first be sure whether is he is worthy of it, whether he respects you and your relationship and is ready grow old with you.

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See, it all depends on the way you take each other, if you guys are serious about each other then all those fights won't matter. You'll still be together after a terrible terrible fight.

Obviously you don't want to...

Imagine you're going to see each other the very next day after a long time, how would you feel Either keep complaining or work towards being together. There could be someone who might love you as much as him, or even more. See, relationships, specially the dating ones, are not always permanent. In the case of long distance, it takes a lot of understanding and maturity to handle it. Now, if you guys are fighting, every day, and saying terrible things to each other, it's okay.

The question is, how long can you take it. Has the thought ever cross your mind? If you can, they keep it on, Stay miserable, otherwise, don't let it ruin your years.

There's too much How to stop fighting in a long distance relationship in this world. You'll get a good piece of it, if not by him, then by someone else, for sure.

Love is enough to start a relationship but not enough to stay in a relationship. You need trust ,loyalty, respect.

You need all those small sweet memories to fight for your love again and again. Many times you need to forget about your own self-respect,you have to say sorry even when its not your fault.

Love is worth doing all this. All this pain is worth it. But the main question you need to ask yourself is that is the person worthy of all this. If yes then you need to take all the shit you can and then some more.

If you say about fight then may be we would be a world tag team champions. So You two need to talk it out as adults. Human Life is not fair. It may demand you to be in a long distance relationship for 5 years.

Will say its a long duration. We don't want this pain for this long. If you are among them ,then you should break it off and may be you will not lose a great friend.

But I believe if a 5yr long pain will lead me to a 50 year long happiness with her then I will be more than happy.

Fighting in a long distance...

And trust me the day you believe this ,all the pain will fade away. But again 1st you need to ask is that person worth it. In my case she is. You two need to find your own answer.

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Try to understand your partner. And intead of fighting, talk to the person politely. Since its a long distance relationship and you dont get to meet each other daily, it's important that you both start understanding each other's value in life.

Social media whatsapp, messenger, facetime is what keeps you two close then why not use this to your advantage? Talk to the person and figure out the reasons which led to the fight and then avoid conversing on that topic. It is important and unavoidable to have arguments but then that has to make your relationship stronger and build it up in a healthy way.

And if nothing works out, just have a video call and say 'i love you' in a soft and gentle way. Half your problems and fights will be gone.

In a long-distance relationship, when...

If you love, respect and trust your partner, then nothing in this world can separate you or weaken your relationship. Many problems could end here itself, if anyone of you two comes forward and says how much he or she loves the other one. Say, I love you, no matter how much serious the talk is going on between the two. Say it loudly, just say it! I have missed the chance of saying it to my loved one once and believe me, life hardly gives you another chance, so please make the most of it.

Otherwise you'll miss those days where you once had so much time to say I love you to your partner, but you didn't said that coz you both were busy fighting. God bless you both. Hope you guys are very well known about each other's value in your lives. Sis you know how to control him When he is in fight with you try to stop him plz don't be listener. I have long distance relationship we always fight but we are going to marry.

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We try to avoid these arguments. Because you are fighting on same topic repeatedly So keep that argument when you are face to face. Don't Do the same argument every day. Decrease the fights plz or it will create question on your faithfulness both of you. Fight is good it increases romance in relationship but excess is bad so just try to minimize it ok.

It is said that the closest friends can also be the worst enemies. This applies in relationships as well. I think that your fighting stems from both your strong feelings How to stop fighting in a long distance relationship each other and the fact that you are so far apart. That being said, you can stop the fighting if you want to. And learn which topics of conversation to avoid. I imagine that most of your fights are about the same two or three topics.

Resolve between you to not bring any of those things up for a few days, see if that helps. In my experience, I started to have problems with my long distance partner when we spent a long time apart.

I don't know if this is your case, but in a long distance relationship it is vital and healthy to have short to mid term plans to see each other.

Fighting in a long distance...

Otherwise, the relationship gets quite damaged. There's thousands of great guys in the world whom you wouldn't feel like fighting with, and who could live with you, instead of somewhere far away. Given the tumultuous state of your communication with him: Are you addicted to the dramas you are creating?

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