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Best cocky funny lines

Adult sex Galleries Best cocky funny lines.

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As the heading says it, post any of youre favourite lines that u heard or used yourself! Second best i've seen all night. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

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Some more lines I use that I remembered. When I'm with a girl who is shy or really quiet, i'l say something in the lines of: I can feel your enthusiasm radiating from u! Now I'm gonna have to go home and masturbate furiously.

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I hope your happy! When I think of more post up, hard to remember everything lol Tc. I don't use routines or linesI think its bullshit and you aren't improving yourself just memorizing stuff, just my opinion.

Alright guys, I want to...

Originally Posted by sosly. Yeahhaving a few lines to go to that can open up a whole conversation or whatver is fine.

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Ever since I met you, you've lived in my heart without paying any rent. The lines I put down i've used from experience.

To me theyre not routines, i'm just a flirty guy when I'm out and about, I put them to help people who want to flirt more. Dont use if u dont want to, I just have success with them.

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You know, you really hit it off with them? I've never met a person like that. It's good to say something confusing first.

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If she's "you didn't. Originally Posted by Milhouse.

Girl ignores your opener and...

That's what I think too and that's What Simple Pickup said in their videos. I came here expecting people to NOT follow lines or routines but that's all I see.

I raised this point before but got some harsh answers. It disappoints me that this is happening in Simple PIckup's forum.

Don't worry, i like you for your inner beauty. It makes my wiener feel funny.

Argument of authority: The PUA...

Girl i hate to see you leave. Delete your facebook challenge! Do your feet hurt?

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I have been following you all day. Originally Posted by Sweetness.

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