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Surprise wet t shirt contest

xXx Videos Surprise wet t shirt contest.

The premise of the contest is simple: Women — typically hot, inebriated women — don thin white T-shirts with nothing underneath and get doused with water.

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As a crowd watches and cheers them on, they shimmy and strip until the judges give the winner a small prize — perhaps free drinks or a dry, less sheer T-shirt. A relatively new tradition: Historically speaking, the idea of young college students traveling down south for spring break is relatively new.

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It's not entirely clear how the contest made its way to Floridian Spring Break parties. A complicated, anti-feminist history: While it might seem ironic that the wet T-shirt contest arose during the second-wave feminist erathe tradition actually arose during a fairly politically conservative period.

But that was arguably because they no longer felt they had to. It's not exactly a coincidence that wet T-shirt contests caught on at a point when feminism had "penetrated every layer of society, matured beyond ideology to a new status of general — Surprise wet t shirt contest sometimes unconscious — acceptance," according to Timewhich named "American Women" its Person of the Year for Precisely because of the gains of the women's liberation movementyoung women, in particular, had come to expect an increased level of social and sexual freedom.

Getting wet and wild: By this point, wet T-shirt contests had indisputably become a part of Fort Lauderdale spring break tradition, in addition to such charming practices as banana-eating contests rewarding women who could "consume a banana in the sexiest possible fashion.

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And yet, despite lawsuits and government regulators' efforts to end the "lewd" activity, the contest kept on keepin' on. Lorenzo and other local bar owners pushed hard to convince the public wet T-shirt contests were "wholesome" events.

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You can't compare the Button [contests] with a wet T-shirt contest. When, in the late s and early s, Fort Lauderdale and Daytona Beach residents began to push the throngs of lascivious spring breakers out of the area, the wet T-shirt contest had already become embedded in typical Spring Break erotic pageantry.

A relic of a pre-internet era: Nearly two decades later, what was once an embodiment of Spring Break debauchery almost seems quaint in a post-Kim Kardashian sex tape era of social media exhibitionism.

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The wet t-shirt contest has so long been a thing in American culture, it's almost like a relic from another, more cheerfully politically incorrect era.

As a result, the wet T-shirt contest is becoming increasingly unpopular: That's not because America's youth have suddenly come to view the contests as inherently objectifying, or because objectification no longer exists. In the age of the internet and social media, the wet T-shirt contest has been replaced by myriad other "contests" that are arguably even more degrading.

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Anything for plausible slut-deniability. Of course, sometimes women eschew that — and they are punished even more fiercely.

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Ours is a culture that doesn't take well to women's public performances of their sexuality. There's no better evidence than the ways we respond to women who participate in wet Surprise wet t shirt contest contests and related "games": Take, for example, the year-old girl who reportedly gave two dozen blow jobs at a club on the Spanish island of Magaluf to win a cheap bottle of sparkling wine inand who was roundly shamed when video of the incident circulated online.

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Sure, people called the contest exploitativebut they also called the young woman at the center of it a whore. The wet T-shirt contest is no longer our culture's primary example of sexual objectification; thanks to the digital age, we now have dozens of other options.

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There are more ways than ever to objectify women — and unfortunately, we'll probably see plenty more examples before Spring Break is over. Why women's rights activists want a "no" vote for Brett Kavanaugh.

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