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Homemade bikini wax beeswax honey

Nude 18+ Homemade bikini wax beeswax honey.

Here's how to join her.

Hirsute stereotypes notwithstanding, hippie living and hair removal are not mutually exclusive. So to mark the kick-off of swimsuit season, I spent the past week waxing my bikini line with a dozen different natural DIY recipes.

But it beats the alternative: Any time I take a razor to a sensitive area, it means minor cut season, razor burn season, and ingrown hair season. Enter the sugar wax: This old-school waxing method is cheap, requires no heat or strips, and is as effective and less painful than conventional waxing. It takes a lot of trial and error to make it work. To start experimenting, cook up a thick syrup of brown sugar, water, and an acid.

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